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Fuel Vs. Friction: What's Holding you Back?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

There was a recent Hidden Brain story on NPR titled Work 2.0: The Obstacles You Don't See that talked about motivating clients and coworkers to embrace a new idea. Examples given included early sales of cake mixes that included powdered eggs that did not sell. The fuel that was more dollars spent on marketing did not seem to work. So what was the friction? It seems that baking a cake in the 50s was seen by mothers as an act of love, and the cake mixes did not feel the same to them. Once this was discovered, the powdered egg was removed and the baker had to add fresh eggs as part of the process. Sales then skyrocketed.

Another instance was a furniture company that advertised custom couches. Targeted to millennials that would come to the showroom and choose a couch configuration, fabrics and detailing, the customer could feel like they were buying a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. The company had plenty of customers coming in to the showroom, but once they left, could not finalize a sale. What was holding the customer from closing the deal? It turns out that millennials generally already had a couch, and the problem was how to get rid of their old one in order to bring in the new one. Once this friction was discovered, the company offered to take away the old couch when the delivered the new one. Sales exploded.

So what kind of convincing do YOU need to commit to establishing a healthy workout routine through personal training with Mark Lorenzo? What would be the fuel or motivation factor? Feeling healthier? Getting stronger? Getting muscle definition? Having fun while working out? Mark can help you fuel your passion for fitness.

What are your friction points? Here are a few that we can think of, and possible solutions.

Friction: Cost – at $75 per hour, it's not cheap.

Solution: Think about sharing your session with a spouse or friend. Especially if you are at the same fitness level. Ask Mark about a sliding scale if you are currently under-employed. Do you have a home gym, large open space, or level yard? Form exclusive friends-only classes of up to 5 people at your home.

Friction: I don't know Mark, why would I let him into my home?

Solution: For the first few sessions, consider meeting at a playing field or have a friend join you. Once you become comfortable knowing him, you decide where you'd like to work out. Does being with your dog reassure you? Mark LOVES dogs and always welcomes their presence.

Friction: I'm too out of shape to start with a personal trainer. Maybe once I've lost some weight.

Solution: This is a no-judgement zone. Not getting a trainer because you want to get fit first is the same as cleaning before your cleaning person comes. "I'm here to start you on your journey. If you're ready, I'm ready and I am happy to tailor a plan specifically for your needs. That is my job, and I love it."

What other questions or concerns are holding you back from finding your fit? Call Mark today to chat. 410-812-0416

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