Classes at Goh's Kung Fu Gym

Morning Conditioning and Cardio Boot Camp

Kick your training up a notch with this 8 week session lead by Sanda coach Mark Lorenzo. The focus will be on increasing strength throughout the body and improved cardiorespiratory fitness. This training will support all disciplines at GKF and is open to the public as well. Classes will be from 6-7 am Mon., Wed.,Fri.  Come out and see what a difference 8 weeks can make for you!


$90 Goh's Kung Fu student members 

$180 non-members

Goh's is located at 7710 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21234


The course was highly challenging yet Mark provided adaptations for all fitness levels. Without question, Mark’s knowledge, motivation, and clear instruction took my overall fitness levels to new heights.

Classes at True Balance Studio in towson

Teen Self Defense

8 week course: Sundays at 12

Starts 1/9/22

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This workshop is based on the martial arts principles of Sanda, a Chinese Military style. Sanda is an open competition style of Chinese Kickboxing, which offensively uses punches and kicks. It has become world-renowned for its evasive movements, counters, kick catches, and awareness.

Cost: $160 or drop in $25


Kids Martial Arts (Ages 8-14)

8 week course: Sundays at 12

Starts 1/9/22

Using Sanda’s principles, the kids learn proper technique, while using pads and partners. This an excellent program to center aggression and focus.

​Cost: $160 or drop in $25

Full Body Strength 

Tuesdays, 5:45-6:30 PM

Full body strength workout to tighten and tone your body, while increasing your metabolism!

In Studio Registration 

Master’s Tai Chi (Taiji) - Coming Soon

Taiji is a slow moving martial art that is low impact emphasizing smooth movements and strong stances... Often called “moving meditation”, Taiji will increase balance and leg strength, develop body coordination, and cultivate relaxation and mindful breathing. People at any age can begin Taiji practice.